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CIITS Assistance

Analyzing Student Data 

CIITS will allow you to create reports that you can print out and give to students, showing their performance on an assessment.  There are several options, but here is a quick set of directions for doing an analysis by question.  For a more detailed version of these steps, take a look at the How-To page under Reports: Analyzing Student Performance
  • Hover over the Classrooms Tab and select Student Performance
  • Select your Course
  • Click on the Student Analysis tab
  • In the top-right corner, click “Batch-Create PDF Files
  • At the bottom, click “Next Step: Select Data to Print”
  • Click the box next to “Classroom Test Data” and “Detailed Data”
  • Click the box next to “Single Test” and choose the test
    Scroll Down and select “Next Step: Configure Output and Print”
  • Select your print order options “print Batch to PDF”

It takes a little while to generate, but it will create a .pdf that you just print

Running 100 Day Reports

CIITS allows you to run 100 Day reports in the Custom Report section.  The trick is to set total enrollment and select 100 days as the minimum.  Click on the link below for detailed steps. 
Creating 100 Day Reports (Link to pdf)
Completed Tests Can Only Be Deleted By Schoolnet
When you are creating or scheduling tests in CIITS, you can delete the test from the Test Details page.

However, once students have entered data into a test, it cannot be deleted by the teacher or anyone in the district.  You must contact schoolnet to have them delete the test for you.

“In order to delete both the test AND the scores of the test you will need to contact our data services team at Only data services can successfully delete the test AND the scores to the test. This is to done to protect the data and keep from someone accidentally deleting a test that they shouldn’t have. ” -quoted from a Help Desk Representative’s Response to my Inquiry

Absent Students Can Ruin Your Data! (Using Clickers)
I know, that is a profound understatement and you’re probably preparing to call me “Captain Obvious”.  However, in CIITS there is a particularly poignant reason for considering absent students.  When you are using the clicker feature to give assessments, students that are absent and do not enter answers count as incorrect answer choices.  This will skew your data, and even worse, give that students a goose egg in their grade; if you have selected to export the assignment to your grade book.  So make sure all students get their answers entered into CIITS before the grading deadline.  There is no way for you to exclude a student’s responses once the test has been started.

If for some reason the student will not be making-up the assignment, i.e. a flashback or quick-check and you intend to analyze the data to guide instruction, unassign a clicker number to that student.  That’s right, leave the clicker number blank for the student and their data will not be calculated or show-up in the grade book.  Hopefully this form of data crunching will be adjusted in later versions of CIITS, but as of the time of this post a student with a clicker number counts toward grades and data.

Finding Test Grades from Last Semester

A possible issue could be with a teacher going to put their test grades into IC and discovering that their data in CIITS has switched over to the new semester.  So the test data was no longer available: ouch!

I actually received two different ways of getting past this from schoolnet.   I am including both fixes here, as they both seem to work in different situations.

We used this method, since the course was not being offered the second semester:

1. From the Home Page, click on Classrooms, or hover and select Student Performance (same result).

2. Select the correct Course/Section

3. Click the Item Analysis tab

4. Select “Classroom Test” as your type

5. Then select the correct “Subject”, “Test Level” and “Test Name”

6. Make sure to select View “All Students” near the middle of the page in the little shaded bar. (This is critical, as this is what allows us to see the students for the non-active sections).

The other method is to go to the Classroom Dashboard and click on View Past Year Sections, which will also show me this year’s previous semesters.  This probably works fine if the same course is being taught in both semesters.  In our case, the course was not being taught second semester, so it didn’t show up in the list.

Compare Classroom Data or Send Scores to Grade Book, You Can’t Do Both!

If you are creating assessments in CIITS for the purpose of comparing data between classrooms, you can’t send the data to your Infinite Campus grade book! Oh, so sad. In order to send data to a grade book, the assessment has to have the Test Category of Grade Book. This makes it work like a My Classroom test. Solution: If you would like to do both, just run the data as individual classrooms. The only thing you lose out on is the grade-level averages. 
Sharing Tests with Other Teachers

The easy way to share a test with another teacher is to make it a Common Classroom Assessment when you are filling in the Test Details.


Then other teachers are able to view your test once you Make it Public.

Alert: The process below works if you want a unique copy of the test just for your class.  If you would like to create a Common Assessment to compare data, follow the directions on the How-To page: Classroom Common Assessments (Elementary) Link?

If you or the other teacher wish to use Score the test in CIITS, either manually, with clickers, or by having students take the test on computers, then they can copy the test.  In the test copy, they can go to Test Properties to Edit the Properties and change the assessment to My classroom.  That’s all there is to it!




Differentiating Assessments

How can you give an accommodated test to students, have them enter the scores with clickers in CIITS, and not mess up the classroom data or grades?

When you use clickers or the manual scoring method for multiple-choice tests in CIITS, the system could really care less what the questions are.  The database just records the input answers and matches them to the answers that you identified as correct when you created the assessment.

This means you can create a completely different test to match a student’s IEP, give it to them on paper, and have them enter their answers with the rest of the class or add them manually when you are entering the others.  Since CIITS allows you to Download the test to Word, you can easily alter or completely change the questions and save them as a Microsoft Word document without affecting the original test in CIITS.

You just have to make sure they have the same number of questions and that each question has the same letter answer as the original test.  I also recommend making sure they address the same standards for instructional and reporting purposes.

If you prefer, you can even Copy Test within CIITS and save a differentiated version. However, this approach would leave you with two completely different tests where some of the students had data in one test and the rest of the students in the other.  It may create Os in the grade book.  We won’t know for sure until that feature becomes available in January.

Keep in mind, CIITS does allow you to create groups of students for distinguishing in data analysis. This feature is found under the Classroom Tab on the main screen, in Student Groups.  Making use of it would further support the one test method.

Assigning a Test to My Classroom

When creating your own test, you want to make sure you select My Classroom for the Test Category to avoid this problem.  If you did not create the test for your classroom, click on Test Properties, Edit Properties, change the test type to My Classroom, Save, go to your home screen and find the test again.

If you are sharing the test with another teacher or are unable to correctly administer a common assessment, you will need to assign the test to your course from within CIITS.  The directions below show 2 methods for setting course. The first seems to work well with High School courses.  The second is a copy of my original directions, which seems to work well at the Elementary level.

Method 1 (High School)

1. Hover over the Assessment tab and select Find a Test.

2. Click on the Test Name.

3. Click the Schedule Tab on the left and select Edit Schedule and Settings.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Test Settings page and select Edit Assignment.

5.  Under the Select Courses Heading, Click on Assign by Sections

6. In the window under Teacher, type in the Teacher’s Last Name

7. You will either see a list of names to pick from when you begin typing the last name or just type the name. Select GO.

8.Check the box(s) next to each section that you want to have access to the test and click Add Selected.

9. Click Done, View Summary.

10.Verify that the correct courses have been assigned and you are finished.

Method 2 (Elementary)

  1. Log-in to CIITS.  At your home screen, hover over Assessment Admin and click “Find a Test”.
  2. Click on the name of the test you want to share.
  3. Click on Schedule Information to open the window.
  4. Then select Edit Schedule and Settings.
  5. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the next page and click Edit Assignment.
  6. Click the drop-down window for Department and select Elementary.
  7. The correct grade-level should already be present, so you can just click GO.
  8. If not, select the appropriate grade-level and the click GO.
  9. Check the appropriate grade-level then click Add Selected.
  10. On the last screen you can verify that you have assigned the test to the correct grade-level.  If you do not see the correct grade-level, click Return to Test Settings and try again

New Assessment Features / Why Can’t I Score the Test I Just Created or Find the Proctor Dashboard

Good News: schoolnet has added the ability for teachers to share tests with one another!

Bad News: schoolnet did not leave the default for Test Category to Classroom and now you can’t figure out how to manually score your tests or have students enter answers with clickers.

This example applies to both Manual and Express tests.

When you are filling in the information for your test, the second drop-down window now gives you the options to select a Test Category: School Interim Assessment, Common Classroom Assessment, or My Classroom.  Unless you intend to share the assessment, you should always select My Classroom.  Selecting this choice will give you the Score and Proctor Dashboard choices in Actions after you schedule your assessment.

If you have already created a test and failed to select this option, click on the test and select Test Properties. At the bottom of the window pick Edit Properties.  Go back to the top of the window and change the Test Category to My Classroom.  Scroll back down and click Save. Now go back to  your Home Screen and Find the Test again.  The changes will have saved and you will be able to score or proctor the test.

If you would like to share the test with someone else and still have the options to score manually or use the proctor dashboard, then you will have to assign the test to your course.  Create the test making the selection you prefer and then refer to my post titled: Assigning a Test to My Classroom.

Student Responses Don’t Show-up with Clickers

Teachers have reported that their clickers are not working with CIITS, even after the update.  In all of these cases I have found that it is a memory issue.  Make sure that you do not have other programs open in the background, such as Internet Mail or Infinite Campus.  Logging out and Logging back in will also help clear out your working memory for using clickers.  I am also recommending to teachers that have memory issues, computer related only, that you install and use Google Chrome as your web browser instead of Internet Explorer.  Chrome seems to use less working memory and run a little more smoothly.  Don’t delete your Internet Explorer shortcut though, you will need it for Infinite Campus.  IC can not work with Chrome.  —-sigh… that would make it too easy. 

Issue Using eInstruction Clickers with CIITS and CPS

There has been an issue with installing the device driver recommended by schoolnet to allow CIITS to work with the eInstruction clickers.  After installing the schoolnet recommended driver many teachers have been able to continue to use their clickers with CPS.  After contacting eInstruction, we were told to have teachers install a new version of CPS and a different device driver.  Before doing this you should completely uninstall your current device manager and your current CPS software and restart your machine.  This can be done in your Control Panel under Add/Remove Programs ( Windows XP) or Programs and Features (Windows 7).  Uninstalling CPS and reinstalling it will not remove your current CPS database.  You will simply have to locate the database from a list when start the program the first time after installing the new version.  After installing the new version of CPS, be sure to restart your machine again and then install the new device driver.

You can get the updated CPS Software (6.73) here:
You can get the updated Device Driver (7.1) here:

Creating Standards-Based Assessments is Quick and Easy

With CIITS you can quickly generate assessment questions to print and handout, respond to  on student computers, or administer with the use of our eInstruction clickers.  There are several ways to quickly create an assessment:

  • Select a standard and click “Build an Express Test”
  • Select a Curricular Resource, State or District, and click “Build an Express Test”
  • Hover over Assessment Admin at the top of the screen and select “Create”
  • From the Assessment Dashboard select “Create a Test”

You can also create test items or passages from these locations to be used in multiple assessments and lessons.

No matter how you create your test, you will be able to save it for editing as a word document, .pdf, or put in play for students to take on a computer or with your class clickers.

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