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Fall Fun at BEC
Fall Fun at BECThe three year old classes at BECEC recently took a field trip to a new local pumpkin patch, Pumpkin Ridge Farm.  Pumpkin Ridge Farm is located off Deatsville Road and ran by Jr. Dugan and his family.  Children in Ms. Sierra, Sherill, Jennifer, and Abbie’s classes got to experience a hayride around the farm and into part of the surrounding wooded area. On the hayride our three year olds spotted: deer, a creek, a bonfire farmer Jr. built, leaves on trees that had changed colors for Fall, leaves falling off trees, and farmer Jr. even showed the children Sycamore trees and taught them that they are white and usually grow near water, like the ones growing by his creek!  The children later explored the pumpkin patch and saw a variety pumpkins growing on vines, ranging in different stages of growth.  A few pumpkins were bust open which proved a great learning opportunity for our children to see and touch the pumpkin seeds and guts. Each child got to pick their own small pumpkin to take home. While students enjoyed a snack at the farm, farmer Jr.’s friendly chickens and geese roamed about which was highly entertaining for the all the kiddos. We will definitely be back to Pumpkin Ridge Farm next year!