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Staff Annual Health Trainings

Part 1: Medication Training 

- Due before August 25, 2018                                   (must be completed annually-not valid if completed prior to July 1, 2018)
Required for any staff member who may be administering medication to any student during any of the following circumstances:
  • Student may be carrying emergency medication in the classroom, and the School Nurse is not available
  • Student may require use of the stock EPI PEN from the front office to be administered by a staff member
  • Student may require daily or emergency medication while on a field trip
  • Student may require daily or emergency medication after school while on school property (sports, clubs, etc.)
  • Student may require daily or emergency medication during an athletic event
  • Student may require emergency medication while being transported home in a bus or school vehicle

Teachers, Principals, Assistants, Coaches, Bus Drivers, and any other staff who may be giving medication in any of the circumstances above are required to take this online training prior to Saturday, August 25th.  At the completion of the training, you will be given a certificate of completion that will need to be turned in to your School Nurse.  Upon receipt of the certificate, you will then complete a packet in lieu of the demonstration portion of the training.  Once the certificate and completed packet are both turned in to your school nurse, the requirements for this annual training according to KY state law will have been fulfilled. 

Teachers or staff who are new to the school setting (you have NEVER completed a medication training in the state of KY) do not have the option to complete the packet in place of the in-person demonstration portion; therefore, you must contact your School Nurse to schedule a time to complete this portion.    
You will find complete step by step instructions for completing this On-Line training below in the document, "Medication Training Online Instructions."  You will also find the entire PDF version of the Medication Administration Manual to download and use during your online course.  Feel free to use the manual when taking the final exam online, as you must score an 85% or greater to pass the course.  The exam will be very familiar, as many of you have taken this same exam multiple times over the course of the last several years in our in person trainings.   

Step by step instructions to walk employees through the online medication training requirement
Staff can save or print this manual to use for reference when taking the test

Part 2: Bloodborne Pathogen Training

-Due before August 25, 2018                                        (not valid if completed prior to July 1, 2018- must be completed annually)

All employees who may have potential contact with blood and/or body fluids during any course of their work day are required to complete this annual Bloodborne Pathogen trainingThis employee list includes, but is not limited to:
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Assistants
  • Secretaries/Bookkeepers in Schools
  • Speech Pathologists, Psychologists, PT, OT, Therapists, Nurses, Counselors
  • Food Service Workers
  • Child Care Workers
  • Transportation
  • Custodians/Housekeeping
  • Maintenance 
Employees are required to view the online presentation below entitled, "BCS Bloodborne Pathogen Staff Training" prior to August 25, 2018.
Upon completion of the presentation, employees will be instructed to print out and complete a certificate indicating they have fulfilled the requirements for the trainingThis certificate will need to be turned in to the School Nurse.  Please either place it in the School Nurse mailbox (in any school front office) or bring to the School Nurse office before August 25, 2018.
 **The certificate is on the last slide in the presentation.  You must print off the certificate, fill in all necessary information, and turn the completed certficate into your School Nurse**
Click link for training; Print out certificate upon completion, complete, and return to School Nurse
 PART 3: Sequential Order
-Due before August 25, 2018 
 This is the final portion of the online health trainings and is required for all staff who may have to administer either daily or emergency medication to a student. 
After you have completed and printed certicates for both the online medication training AND the online bloodborne pathogen training, you wll now complete the Sequential Order Packet.  This is to be done in place of the "demonstration" portion for the medication training.  If you have not ever learned how to use an EPI PEN, Diastat, Glucagon, or Inhaler, please see your school nurse for additional in-person training.  It is important that you feel confident in your ability to administer these medications during an emergency.  Please feel free to see your school nurse if at any point you have questions regarding use of the emergency medications or would like to use the practice devices in the school health clinic to refresh your skill.  
Please find the packet to complete with a VERY helpful study guide after the red arrow below.  Please turn in this completed packet with your other 2 certificates to your School Nurse.  
CONGRATULATIONS!!  You have completed the required health trainings for this school year.  Don't forget to turn in ALL 3 documents (2 certificates + 1 packet) to your School Nurse. 
Have a Happy and Healthy School Year! 

Please contact your School Nurse below if you have any questions.  Thanks!!

Felicia - 331-8887

Jennifer - 331-8933 
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