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Participation in competitive speech is a means, not an end. Trophies and high scores are not in themselves important, but what they represent is vitally important. There is an emphasis on competition, not because winning is everything, but because it creates in a person these attributesthe desire to excel, a respect for hard work, an appreciation of the contribution of others to your improvement, and an increase in self-confidence. 

Students who take forensics seriously almost always grow as a speaker, performer and person. 

They realize that it is who they are that is important and not how many trophies they have accumulated. 

Students learn to believe in the power of the spoken word and to understand those who possess this power have the ability to lead others and to accomplish personal goals. To harness the power of the spoken word you must:

*             Recognize that you are speaking to a group of people, not for yourself. Write, perform, create and think with this in mind.

*             Realize the fact that only you are responsible for your performance. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in excuses.

*             Remember that you have ownership of your performances. Each one is something that you craft and produce and is a reflection of your integrity, creativity and personality.

Forensics participation can provide you with this power, but only if you accept its challenges. You must learn to manage time and utilize it wisely. Accept feedback gracefully and understand that constructive criticism is not personal criticism. Accept the challenge to create something that you own and that others will enjoy. Believe you can gain power through the spoken word and that forensics participation will teach you skills that you can apply in every communication situation you encounter. Believe that you can accomplish great things. Enjoy the process, enjoy the participation, and you will enjoy the success that comes through personal, professional and social growth.






A team member understands the following:

i)        Practice with coaches is one time per week, you will make every effort to attend more than one practice and will dedicate specific time outside of school to work at home with parents and/or peers.

ii)       That BHS Forensics is a team activity. Therefore the captains and coaches are the leaders of the team and will be given the respect they have earned. Their advice and suggestions will be listened to and followed. Decisions made by the coaches and captains will be adhered to by the team members.

iii)     The speech tournament season is long, actual competitions are not frequent. In order for the team to be successful, team members must make EVERY EFFORT to attend all competitions on the schedule. Some things to keep in mind related to this issue:

1.       As with any competitive extra-curricular activity, speech takes time. Other scheduled activities such as sports, after school jobs and social activities are important, but so is forensics. If forensics is what you will give up when these activities interfere, and without dedication and effort,
individual and team success does not occur. As such, while the minimum of opportunities come in conflict, the team and your own competitive success will be harmed without commitment.

2.       Our tournaments always occur on weekends. Many important academic events are conducted on weekends such as standardized tests. However, these are scheduled at various times during the year and can usually be taken at times other than when tournaments occur. Please make every effort to take standardized tests on weekends that are not competition dates.

3.       End of the year opportunities are based on competitive success and dedication. The number of entries we can take to state is limited and will be awarded in each event to the students who have demonstrated the most effort. Attendance at tournaments is the very best way to improve and position oneself well for end of the year opportunities.

iv)     The school provides the team with a limited budget and our fundraising will cover some expenses. Once a commitment has been made to attend these tournaments, there will be an expectation that the student will attend or will pay all forfeiture fees imposed by the tournament and the team.








For KHSSL Competitions:

Broadcast Announcing:                 Students assume the role of a radio broadcaster.

Dramatic Interpretation:               The performance of a published piece of serious literature that is either of one or more characters.

Duo Interpretation:                        The performance of a scene or cutting with two or more characters from a published play, novel, short story, or movie script, presented by two individuals.

Extemporaneous Speaking:        A limited-prep speech which analyzes and answers a question which addresses a current issue.

Humorous Interpretation:           The performance of a published piece of humorous literature that is either of one or more characters.

Impromptu Speaking:                    A limited-prep speech with topic selection varied from round to round.

Improvisational Duo:                      A limited-prep performance involving the portrayal of two characters by two individuals.

Oratorical Declamation:                 The delivery of a speech which was written by another person, presented in a public forum by a person other than the contestant, and taken from a published source.

Original Oratory:                               A speech prepared and presented by the student to inform or persuade.

Poetry Interpretation:                   An interpretation of a published poem or series of poems of literary merit.

Prose Interpretation:                     An interpretation of a piece of published literature from a narrative, descriptive, or expository prose of literary merit.

Storytelling:                                        The recreation of a story for the purpose of entertaining the audience.


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